Djax on Waivers. Should I drop Geronimo Allison for him?

My wideouts are AB, Godwin, Kirk, and Allison. Thoughts of Allison’s potential behind MVS? I think Djax has a better upside but I don’t if I am overreacting since it was only week 1.

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That’s a big yes.

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I can’t believe he went undrafted.

I think everyone was hurt from last year’s production but Winston does not throw many deep balls like Wentz. How much FAAB would you think?

I’ve seen DJax go in the 10th and the last draft I was in he went in the 5th which I thought was so stupid…Sunday proved otherwise. I say 10-15 percent but if you really want him maybe double that.

Yeah I would.

Allison’s floor is, as we saw last Thursday. And his ceiling is capped by Adams. I won’t be surprised if he pops up with a big game this season just because of his QB. But I think DJax might be a big part of the Eagles offense. At least that’s what it seemed like on Sunday.

Plus there is Graham that will probably be more involved that we think in a pinch.