Djaxx for D. Montgomery

Full point ppr league. Was offered Montgomery for DJaxx straight up. My guys…


A. Rob
M. Jones
D. Thomas

Hmm you so need wide recivers. But I would that trade in a heart beat. Gb actually has pretty good def and they may just be rolling the rookie out slowly.

Oh man do I lol. I like what DJaxx looked like week 1, and Montgomery who I really like and wanted to draft in other leagues, I still like and think there will be a turnaround with him.

Even with my WR core you’d say that’s good trade??

yea Id also take that trade you can even deal one of your other RB for a stud WR David will take that job and it will be a good roll. whereas Djax is prime to fall off regardless, he always does.

Is that David or duke?


Yeah I take that. Division games are weird, the Eagles won’t be trailing like that ROS so DJax isn’t gonna be getting 10 targets on the reg. Take a swing at Montgomery

Did you see the WRs I have?? That’s gonna put me with M. Jones as my WR 3

Yes. In fact, unless this is a 3WR league I’d be more concerned with your RBs.

DJ finally popped, but the Cards offense needs to come to play for more than one and a half quarters. Mixon’s banged up. Fournette is super injury prone, his defense just got lit up and lost his QB.

Even if you end up not needing Montgomery you can trade him for a better WR than DJax anyway

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I definitely saw the same, just a tad nervous lol

We are a 3 WR set

Ok that makes a difference. That justifies keeping DJax A LOT more. The trade would prolly still be fine of you went that route tho, but I’d pass

Without Foles, do you not think the jags will not rely on Fournette? It appeared they wanted to use him more over the other RBs week 1. He is definitely injury prone

Oh they’ll feed him as early and often as they can, but if the offense starts sputtering without decent QB play or the defense can’t keep games close, Fournette’s volume and TD upside take a big hit. Volume+game script has been the only thing you could hang your hat on for him

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