DK and MichaelCarter

**I am looking to trade DK and Michael Carter for Devonta Smith and Deandre Swift. Full PPR. At WR I have renfrow, Bateman, T Higgins, Mooney, and people Jones. RB I have Najee Josh Jacob’s and d’ernest Johnson **

Might be a hard sell. With all the RBs who have gone down. You’ll likely need to pay up for Swift.

You might need to downgrade Smith to another WR on their team. RBs are hard to trade for right now.

He already offered the trade….should I take it??

Oh! That’s a live trade offer. Hmmm.




I’m torn seeing the lineups now. It feels like Metcalf to Smith is more of a Downgrade than Swift to Carter though. Carter is starting to come into himself. Is the lead back. Swift is so much better though. You’re also gaining a bye week here with Smith. This late in the game. That’s a game changer in itself. That leaves you having to start batman/higgins/mooney in week 14. Not a fan of that.

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I appreciate it. Thanks for talking be through it haha. I kept looking and thinking it wasn’t adding up.

Did you end up taking or rejecting?