DK Keeper Value - Sell High for this year?

I can keep DK next year for a 5th round pick (last year before he becomes a FA). I’m currently 6-2 and trying to work with the last place team to trade DK’s future value to win a title this year. Would you trade DK for anything?

My team:
QB: Kyler
WR: Davante, DK, Fulgham, CeeDee, Chark
RB: Carson, Robinson, D Harris, JJackson, RoJo, Devonta Freeman
TE: Waller, Goedert

Their players I’d like: Julio, MT, Mostert, Fuller

If you’re determined to get rid of DK, remember he is only 22 and will have Russ for awhile, I would upgrade at RB as the rest of your WR group is stacked. Have to get a solid RB1 for him though.

I’d keep him for the fifth rounder. He’ll be in top two rounds I’d expect in 2021. Take the value and have a window of 2020 and 2021 with him.

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