DK or Marvin Jones - .5ppr

both had the same target count last week and catches.

i lean DK and have him in but with them playing the Pats (it was the Dolphins last week) and Golladay looking like he might miss this week too, didnt know if the ballers were trying to pivot from DK this week.

I really think you could go either way and be just fine. DK is the better player, but facing a better D and Marvin has a softer match up. I will say that in years past, NE has done a great job at limiting #1 outside WR’s. It’s a tough choice!

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Anyone have more thoughts on this?

I like DK upside, tough matchup, but you have to worry on Lockett and DK. Marvins statline from Week 1 was not great with golladay out and quintez getting 10 targets but could still get a large volume against a relatively soft looking green Bay team.

I’d do DK. Russell Wilson had a great game, so they should be trying to keep that momentum. It is a tough choice though!

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would you play either of those guys over DJ Moore?

its basically a pick 2 (WR2/Flex1) - Marvin, DK, Moore

Ugh. Tough. I also have DJ Moore and am struggling. Depending who else you have I might play DK over him but not Marvin. I’m basically deciding Moore or Lockett.

Moore doesnt give me a lot of confidence after the mediocre stat line last week against a softer defense. TB looked good against Saints last week, who could do something similar to Teddy.

not a super strong depth past those three. think im gonna roll out Moore and DK. i have marvin in another league im looking to roll out. mitigate some risk on a start/sit split on teams.

for you, thats also a tough one. both good volume last week, like you said, Russ looked good and i trust him more than Teddy right now with more mouths to feed in the air.

Woods (WR1), Moore, Marvin, DK, Nkeal, Lazard.

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