DMont & DJ Moore for MT & Pollard

Do I trade DMontgomery & DJ Moore for Michael Thomas and Pollard?

I’m the Zeeke owner and have Carson and Gibson as well. 12 team PPR. 4-1 record. Receivers are beat right now, DJ Moore & DJ Chark (injured)

I would definitely do this. With each week going by Moore is looking more and more like the definitive number 2 WR in that offense. Montgomery is a bad RB with a good workload so I’d definitely be willing to part for him for a shot at MT. Especially if you don’t need wins now

Thanks for the reply! Two things are holding me back.

  1. Dmont with his targets could be a solid back ROS.
  2. Is MT a top 10 WR when back with Brees looking a little off?

Side question would be would you rather have Dmont or Gibson ROS.

Gibson but I’m biased. I have disliked Montgomery since the draft. He’s always reminded me way too much of jordan howard.