Do I ACCEPT this trade? FFB

I was offered James White and Diggs or Brandin Cooks for Landry, Ebron, and Bell.

My WRs are Landry, Allen, Sanders, and Ridley.
My RBs are Ingram, Yeldon, Mack, and Jalen Richards
The only thing is Ebron is my only TE right now.


Nah, don’t do it. Unless you need wins literally right now to stay in the playoff race.

James White won’t hold down this role for the rest of the season. He’s the new Kevin Faulk (albeit a much better version). Michel will be back to cut into his workload.

Also, giving up Ebron and replacing him with a waiver wire TE is a brutal downgrade.

Lastly, Bell is the best player in the trade. He will be back in the next week or 2. You’ve held on to him this long, you’re almost there.

I know, but I’m literally 1-5-1. Any other move you think I should make?

If you don’t want to wait on bell, why not see what you can get for him alone? You shouldn’t have to give up Landry to move him if that’s what you want.


I agree, look at the Connor owner and see if there is a good offer with Bell there. I think you may get more there since that owner is facing losing a major RB in another week or so.

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