Do I accept trade for Zeke?

Full point PPR league.

I was offered Zeke for Keenan Allen and Marlon Mack.

My other WRs are Landry, Sanders, and DeSean Jackson.
My other RBs are Mark Ingram, Jalen Richard, Yeldon, and Michel.

Yes because Mack is on a better offense and Keenan helps you have a great Flex every week starting Landry and Sanders at WR flexing Allen and starting Michel and mack

I wouldn’t. Zeke is leaps and bounds ahead of Mack. Mack haf some blow up games but isn’t going to continue at that pace. Indy may have a better record but also has their toughest part of the schedule with Jags twice, Houston, Dallas and Titans. All have good d. Zeke is going to see Washington again and Philly but he is guaranteed touches in those games and Mack may have a lot or could give up passing downs to Hines if they are playing from behind.