Do I bench JuJu this week?

I am currently starting:
Alshon, Woods and Thielen

On my Bench:
JuJu, McClaurin, Tyrell Williams

I am in a similar situation this week. I have Boyd, Ju Ju and Thielen. I also have Brieda, Samuels, and Dorsett. My main concern with starting Ju Ju is how good the Baltimore defense is. Think about it, PIT ran the ball down CINs throat on Monday but BAL will stop it easier. That means more passing. Volume should be there but they might not be the best throws or looks.

Baltimore does give up a decent amount of points to WRs but if they get consistent pressure on Mason I think the targets will be severely limited.

I’m starting Alshon cuz the matchup against the Jets is just too good to pass up.

Ya I’m starting Alshon cuz i think the matchup against the Jets is too good to pass up. I’m weary on starting Woods up in Seattle but I think he has a better chance at putting up a good game than JuJu does against Baltimore.