Do I bench mike evans?

I do not have a second wide receiver that plays in the later games. As such do I just assume he isn’t gonna be over the flu and bench him for DeDe. I don’t think I need upside to win this game but a total boof could make me lose.

do not bench evans, they said hes playing and has so much upiside, if your really nervous go with DEDE but i dont think you can bench evans here

I’ve been thinking about this but if he came down with it on Friday, that means he’s puking his brains out Friday and not sleeping. Dudes gotta be wiped. I guess the question is: is a 70% mike evans worth playing?

i got evans in my league and im wanting to take the risk, the risk is their he could be sitting on the bench the entire game, the safe bet is DEDE and hes a really good backup play

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I’m thinking about doing this again. I think evans will pick up in the next few weeks but a short week at the panthers with shaq Thompson terrorizing that backfield.

I like the higher floor of Dede until evans and the bucs figure it out.

I’d play Evans. I’m not even sure that Dede has the higher floor given he’s got a backup qb on the field with him.