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Do I blow my #1 waiver priority on Conner?


I have #1 waiver priority and I am being tempted by James Conner with Bell looking more and more likely to hold out as each hour goes by. I was planning on saving it until there was a clear league changing waiver pick up, or is this it? What are your thoughts! Thanks


Who else do you have on your roster? I dont think its necessary unless you are going to play him over one of your starters if the hold out actually happens.


Wouldn’t necessarily need to play him, rbs are m. Gordon, K. Hunt, M. lynch, and k. Johnson. If bell was absent I would consider Conner in the flex over Chris hogen/marshawn Lynch. I’m just tempted that if he holds out we see something similar to what happened to Khalil Mack and the Steelers deal him somewhere. I think for now I’ll hold off but the temptation is there…


I would just hate to blow a number one waiver and then god forbid one of your other players has a season ending injury. I would hold out and see if Conner ends up on Free Agency some how.


It would especially suck if you took him with the the waiver priority and then Bell ends up playing.


With the list of RBs that you have I probably wouldn’t use your waiver priority on Conner. Bell does this all the time – he’ll probably end up playing.

I drafted Jordan Wilkins and dropped him for Conner then I cut Conner for Breida. So i’ve been all over the map too with that roster spot. Godspeed man.


That’s the fear. I think I’ll see if he somehow ends up a FA but I doubt it. I personally don’t believe bell will holdout and if he does it’ll only be for a game or two. Thanks for the input