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Do I dare bench Mike Evans week 1?


Ballers preferred scoring
W - D. Hopkins
T - Kyle Rudolph
W/T - Austin Sefarian- Jenkins
W/R/T - Chris Hogan
BN - Mike Evans
BN - J. Gordon
BN - Isaiah Crowell

it might be a mistake to bench Josh Gordon week one along with Isaiah Crowell but I’m thinking Mike Evans could be started so who should I pull out from the top set of guys.
P.S. love ASJ vs the Giants this week


Why play 2 TEs. Put ASJ in your T and play Evans or Gordon in the flex. Personally, I’m playing Gordon.

last time evans matched up vs Lattimore, lattimore dumpstered him.


Forgot to mention Kerryon Johnson on the Bench as well


evans is a stud, don’t bench him. He had good numbers with fitzmagic last year.


I played him, my high scorer ! Win my matchup up barely week 1 :sunglasses: