Do I dare play with no TE this week

Currently in first place and playing last place team. Gronk is on bye. I am currently still predicted to win by 19 even with no TE. There isn;t anything great on waivers for TE and I dont want to give up any of my bench players for what is available. Not that I plan to play any of my bench players ever really. I just dont want anyone else to get my bench players.

Do I dare go with no TE this week.

roster this week
Alex Collins
Tyreek Hill
Gronk - bye
Lamar Miller

I do have a couple trade offers out to guys with multiple TE’s but so far no takers.

What’s your bench. Is a bench guy really worth a loss?

This feels like a no brainier, get a TE and play em

A lot of streamable options, no sense in NOT playing your bench guys and just holding onto them. Drop someone on a bye week or with a hard matchup and stream a TE and pick them up after the week.

I don’t feel like looking at schedules but as long as most of you and your opponent plays early sunday and you have the opportunity to grab a late sunday TE or Monday night TE you could potentially do this. Risky but you could.

I’m in the same situation, but that’s an interesting thought @MikeSpain. Eric Ebron plays on Monday and he got 6 targets 2 receptions for 58 yards last game. You could definitely do a lot worse.

Also, keep in mind some leagues have bye’s first week of playoffs. You might end up needing the most points scored to obtain the bye. In that case I would definitely play a TE.

It depends on record. I’m 8-0 and was debating it. That said i’m pretty sure i’m going to lose this week because of the KB cluster eff Carolina just caused me (i’m stuck playing Corey Davis and Sammy Watkins due to byes now) so that means this is likely my loss now.

I was able to trade for Brate for the week. He scored a TD for me the week Gronk missed because of injury so hoping for more of the same.

Gave up Ty Hilton and McFadden for him, but also got an 3rd round pick for next year out of the deal. May have overpaid for a 1 week start but really only had McFadden to use to get a pick for next year. And After listening to yesterdays episode, happy to get anything for the banana peel that is Hilton.