Do I drop Arizona?

Should I drop Arizona to pick up Denver this week?

I current hold both Arizona and Buffalo, im rolling with Buffalo at least for week 15 and 17(if I make it to the final game)

I dropped Indy weeks ago when they had a tough match up and picked up the defense with the better match up. It didn’t work out.
I think I would stick with the better defense. Seems like you’re holding the number 4 and number 5 defense of the year.

How are your playoff chances? You obviously know Arizona plays Detroit next week.

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Ya im definitely making the playoffs, with any luck this week I’ll get that #2 spot but most likely finish 3rd or 4th.

I’m was only holding onto Arizona just so my potential opponent couldn’t use them against me in week 15.

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I think that’s good strategy. Especially with the Week 15 match up.

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