Do I drop David Johnson

Drop David Johnson for Alexander mattison? I have a bye this week and was wondering if I should stash mattison. Thanks for the help

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I had drake and Johnson… i dropped drake for mattison. So far drake hasn’t done much since his miracle Thursday night game which I think had a lot to do with him playing on a new team in the short week.

Maybe they will want to see what Johnson can do since they are stuck paying him next year…

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i dropped DJ in 2 of my leagues. The reason being is the coach he has not helped DJ have a good season all year long and now that hes coming off injury you think they are going to play him much with the season coming to a close and their not even close to a playoff run i think they will probably use him in reserve and save him for next year as this season at least for the cardinals is a wash

David Johnson looks so washed he must be not 100% healthy. He’s definitely able to be dropped, but it’s league/FA dependent as always. Surely there will be something better on waivers unless you’re in a super deep league though