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Do i drop hunt for


Theo riddick, Malcolm brown, justin jackson, Royce Freeman, rashaad penny, or rex burkhead? Half point 12 team league. Thanks for the help


I mean if you have Gurley, then the obvious choice is brown. If you need someone to fill a gap this week its riddick. If I were you I’d take brown. Gurley got hurt once recently and brown could play fully fantasy championship Sunday if the rams clinch.


Thanks. Yeah that’s originally why i picked up ware thinking that they would rest their starters for the last week or so. Glad i picked him up. Lol. Not the gurley owner but i think it would be smart to grab brown too. Don’t need a starter this week. I have Chris carson, aaron jones, Spencer ware, doug martin and gordon


To piggy back on this question, would you prefer Burkhead or Brown rest of season? (on the bench)

Rex Burkhead is active for week 13 and could be involved each game. Malcom Brown’s value is very likely only in game 16.