Do I drop Martavis Bryant or Charles Clay?

Considering dropping Martavis or Clay (I have ASJ) so I can add another RB to my bench. Would pick up Jamaal Charles, D’Onta Foreman, Prosise, or Rawls.

Current RBs: Ajayi, Martin, Demarco, Marlon Mack, David Johnson
Current WR depth: Julio Jones, Davante, Funchess, and John Brown.

Don’t really see a scenario where I’d ever play Martavis, but wonder if I should just keep him stashed. Don’t want to really get rid of Clay but having a second TE is weird. Trying to build RB depth since DJ is out, but don’t know if it’s worth picking up any of the aforementioned guys to drop Martavis or Clay. Thanks Footclan!

I would gage it on who gets the most help out of this. I would imagine someone would pick up Martavis, and eventually would pick up Clay especially if you have an IR slot. I don’t see you playing any of those RBs…so my thought would be to stay put unless you’re fine dropping Clay and rolling ASJ for however long that lasts. I wouldn’t drop anyone to pick up SEA RBs but yeah, I’d contemplate dropping Clay for Charles or Foreman. I have a feeling Martavis and Big Ben will bounce back soon.

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Really appreciate your insight, thanks!!

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