Do I drop someone to stash D’onta

So the team is

Mariota (dropping for another Qb)

Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard, Leonard Fournette, Royce Freeman

Adam Thielen, Devante Adams, OBJ, Quincy Enunwa, Tyler Boyd, Corey Davis and Amari Cooper

George Kittle and Trey Burton

Is it worth stashing him like is anyone worth dropping? I think my teams solid but part of me is over thinking and would like to have D’onta just because

No. D’onta had achilles injury. That ends careers for RBs. And HOU Oline is so trash its unwatchable. Don’t waste a slot.

I am a Foreman truther and do believe in making space for him, but your situation is just fine. You have good depth and a solid team.

I grabbed him to stash on my IR for now