Do I drop Tevin Coleman?

This is a 10 man 0.5 ppr league and we’re all pretty new to fantasy football so there’s a lot of players that should be rostered but aren’t. I have Gurley, McCaffrey, and Howard. Would Coleman be enough as depth or would someone like Carson, Barber, and Wilkins be better?

I would keep Coleman

I would for sure keep coleman. he is a flex option some weeks. but you arnt starting him over Gurley, CMC, or Howard anyways. Hes probably the best “handcuff” in the league. if anything were to happen to Freeman you pretty much have a locked and loaded bell cow for one of the best offenses in the league.

Carson, Barber, and Wilkins are nowhere near as talented, are on terrible teams, and would not start over Coleman anyways.

your big 3 plus Coleman is a SOLID rb core.