Do I drop Trequan or MVS or?

Looking to stash Denver’s defense for the playoffs

Who do I drop

I have Adam Thielen, Devante Adams, OBJ, Boyd, Smith, Sutton and MVS all as WR

Maybe Sutton; we assumed he would instantly walk into DT’s role and absorb targets. While we only have a 1 game sample size, it was a little concerning. I like the QB and offense situation for the other guys on your roster (although OBJ is admittedly not in great situation, he’s a stud).

Obj was never in the drop option xD it’s mostly between Trequan, MVS and Sutton

As a Denver fan I believe in the talent of Sutton, but it’s hard to see any of the three going up over my four big guys xD so I’m just looking for highest upside to keep

I dropped Royce Freeman already to stashnlamar Jackson xD

I am not saying drop OBJ. Of all the guys you do have, I think he’s got arguable the worse offensive situation. I had to edit my comment.

Again, I’d probably drop Sutton. But I like the Saints so maybe I am biased against dropping Smith…

Tre’quan, MVS has been solid and is building rapport with Rodgers and his WR2 has been an actual WR2 in fantasy football for the last few years

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That’s how I am about Sutton lmao xD as a Denver fan I dont want to drop him haha

Then drop Smith. Sutton should have the safer floor, and you never know what you’re going to get with the Saints’ offense outside of Kamara and Thomas.

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The thing about Smith is there’s sooo many other players soaking up red zone opportunities between the RB’s, Thomas and even Ben Watson who they drew up a play for last week it really caps him for me, but Sutton is bound to improve imo and I’m not a fan of either teams


Thanks for the opinions guys!! I was leaning Smith anyways so I appreciate making me feel better about it!

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Then Smith it is. Agreed completely. Thinking about it, he’s a DFS flyer play.

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I don’t think it greatly matters, you won’t be playing any of them