Do I Flex Callaway this week?

Half point PPR… I have A.Callaway, R.Freeman, P.Lindsay, A.Jones & S.Michel

In search of a flex… Im 0-2 so I’m not sure if I should play it safe or if I should go for the big boom play…

What are your thoughts?

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How strong is your opponent? By the way, it does look like Landry will be playing against the Jets. I’m not exactly expecting a shootout.

A. Jones is going to be the 3rd RB this week. Between Freeman and Lindsay, Lindsay is still the better play right now. But Baltimore is a solid run defense, and CJ Mosley is not ruled out for Sunday yet.

Michel has a good matchup, but man are the Pats unpredictable. They play the Lions this week, and he did get decent volume against the Patriots toughest opponent. I think that says something about what Darth Beli believes he has in Michel, to play him against the Jags.

Overall, I think if it was me, I’d have a tough time choosing between Lindsay and Callaway. I think I’d lean Callaway though, if you need a big time play. Lindsay would be if trust him to give you those 10 or so points.

Michel would be next for me, then Freeman. I’m just not seeing it yet with Royce… he played 24% of snaps week 2 against a bad Oakland defense.

Lindsay or Callaway IMO. They both should give you around 12-14 points.

I feel the pain of being 0-2! lol Good luck this week!

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I agree. It’s between Lindsay and Callway. I personally like Callaway this week, based on no Gordon and the performance in Week 2. However, I think that Lindsay is very strong and also doesn’t require you to take up the Flex spot tonight if you wanted to keep it open for the weekend.

I know the Callaway hype is high right now, but don’t forget that he only got 4 targets last week… and Gordon didn’t play then either. He caught fire because of one long throw, at the end of the game, with a QB who rarely throws downfield.

I am not down on him, but I would just be cautious of expecting a good amount of production. Like I said, I don’t see a shootout coming against the Jets… on a Thursday night game.