Do I grab the potential MVP in Wentz or hang tight

Alright Clan, I’m (5-4) with most points scored in league but thats fantasy… Just moved Kareem Hunt for Julio and Jordan Howard now I need to target a playoff QB after Watson injury. Was offered Wentz and Aaron Jones for Golden Tate… Full PPR league should i take it? I’m tied in 5th place right now.

Got a firm 8pm EST deadline on the offer too

I wouldn’t if I were you. Aaron Jones probably wouldn’t start on your roster, and Tate is a stud in PPR. If you want a QB shake up, I would target someone lower key than Wentz. Maybe Tyrod or Matt Ryan, both would be upgrades over Rivers, have great playoff schedules, and you could get them cheap. Even like Alex Smith possibly, you don’t have to shoot for the moon to upgrade your QB