Do I have a case for COLLUSION? Need Advice!

My lead just had the following trade go through:

L.Bell, Dez Bryant, E. Sanders


T. Cohen, T. Coleman, J. Landry, F. Gore

The team that got Bell is 4-2. The team that traded him is 0-6.

The reasoning by the manager that got Bell was that he was providing depth to the other team with his offer.

The issue is that the 0-6 team has not made a single move on the waiver wire all season and has not responded (accept/decline) to any other trade offers all season. This manager has also not been involved in any league discussions all season and has basically been a dead manager. Additionally, the 4-2 manager is the commissioner and I believe he is the only person in our league that actually knows/talks to the manager of the 0-6 team.

So does this sound like grounds for a collusion accusation or am I just being salty?

I’m just trying to get a few opinions from other fantasy players outside of my league to gage if I should follow up with this transaction or not. I figured the best perspective would come from other FF managers that are distanced from the transaction.

It’s a really bad trade. I would try to get the rest of the league to veto it.

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Definitely fishy. Does your league vote on trades? This coming from the commissioner is definitely strange.

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They do vote, the only problem is half the league doesn’t pay attention or don’t want to speak up. I got a couple messages from other managers but none wanted to say anything publicly. Also, the commissioner changed the trade time from 48hrs to 24hrs a week or two ago so the trade was pushed through quickly. It was made at like 9:27 pm Wed and pushed through at 9:27 Thursday. Not really a lot of time to discuss or get others involved.

This is bad. Obviously collusion going on here.

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This was my feeling as well. I know that the trade has already been completed, but I figured I still wanted to bring it up in retrospect just to let the other managers know how I felt. I also didn’t want to come off as a whiney b*tch so I figured I would ask others opinions outside of our league.

So he changed the rules in season? Yeah man, that’s sketchy as hell. I’ve been a whiny b*tch when it comes to collusion before. Have to be.

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Collusion, yes.