Do I have a chance? do you?

Half ppr Up 85.7 to 110.4 im done and hes got Fournette Gronk and tampa D

Its suppose to be cold and windy but I struggle to see those 3 combining for less than 25

What are you facing for MNF

Wait- you have those players still?

sorry that was in a bad order. Im up 110.4 hes got the players to go im done.

Need 3.25 ppr or more from Evans to win. Normally I’d be on my victory lap but 2020 Evans is a different animal. I’m still pretty sure he won’t let me down

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Your right pretty safe bet but he’s goosed before, with godwin out that seems laughable to get be we all know how ff can be

I need 56.6 points out of the Bucs defense. NO PROBLEM, right? Easy win for me.