Do I have a chance to win witth Edelman tonight vs Patrios defense?

This is a standard league. 6 point QB.

58.64 points - Me
58.22 points - Opponent/ 2nd place

He will automatically get 10 points when the game begins. I need Jets to score some TDS. I know im asking for a lot but if they can make a miracle happen and also have Edelman score 2 TD’s would be fantastic. What you guys think?

My record is 3-3
Position- 6th place out of 12.

Rooting for you!

But I don’t sweat the game until its over. You set the best lineup and then it’s out of your hands.

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I was one of those people Cardinals coach fooled by stating that David Johnson was going to play. I have 0.20 points from him in my roster. So pissed about that.

1st place won
2- is in the air right now
3-5th all lost.

If I win, I can shoot up to 5th or 4th place. Otherwise I will go back down to 7th place :frowning:

With Darnold back, the Jets should be more competitive. Here’s hoping for a high scoring game with lots of Edelman Tuddys!

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