Do I have RB depth to trade up?

1/2 PPR PPFD bonus for long plays

After the headline today, overpaid with Alshon & draft pick for Fournette last night :frowning:

My WR’s are Woods/Landry/Fuller/Keke

My RB’s are Kamara/Ingram/Yeldon/Fournette/Powell/Cohen/D. Washington (NO 3rd RB)

Was thinking of flipping Yeldon/Fournette to the Julio owner as he has Julio/T. Hill/M. Evans/Baldwin but only has Clement and Drake for RB’s.

Do I have the depth at RB to make an offer like Yeldon/Fournette for Julio/Evans? Is a 4th draft pick for next year too much to include, or maybe see if like a 6th will work? He legit has no RB’s, and I’ll give up a pick for wins and a playoff run at 2-3… Also, which is preferable ROS? Julio or Evans? Evans already had his bye so I get him for an extra week, but who knows how the QB situation will shake out… Also, Julio has freaking Baltimore the first week of the playoffs as well! What’s your thought on one versus the other ROS? Both play the Browns and Ravens, and how do you think that will impact Tampa? Will they even have garbage time because both AFC NORTH teams have sick ground games?

Would it be more prudent to trade Ingram for JJ or ME?

Bumping this back to the top…

Can you pick up Clement or Morris from the waiver wire? Id want either one of those guys for depth so you can let go of the Jags RBs.

both are gone!