Do I have the depth to make this trade?

Dynasty League.

Full Point PPR.

Trading away Joe Flacco
Receiving DJ Moore

QB’s: Stafford, Rosen, Carr
Other WR: Odell, Adams, Alshon, Boyd, Ridley, Mike Williams, Gallop, Coutee, Bryant

What do you think?

Is this a 2qb/super flex?

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No 1 QB league!

I dont love dj more but you do not need 3qbs let alone 4.

Does the fact that its dynasty change anything?

Makes dj more significantly more valuable and probably hurts flacco.

This is the easiest trade accept of my life. You have 4 QBs lol.

Go ahead and get rid of those other QBs while your at it…

Its dynasty so you actually do have to carry more than 1. There are no starting QBs on waivers. Don’t have to get rid of them. need bye week fillers and hold rosen to see how he develops.