Do I keep Ajayi over OBJ?

I’m in a 10 team PPR. 2 keepers, I pick 7th overall. I am keeping AJ Green at a 2nd round. I can keep OBJ for a 1st or Ajayi for a 6th. I was thinking of keeping Ajayi and letting OBJ go back. I know I won’t get him at #7 but if I keep him I have 2 stud RBs but I’ll be stuck with most likely the likes of Hyde and Montgomery when I pick in the 3rd. Is keeping Ajayi the right move?

I think so. A 1st/2nd round RB in the 6th is a better value than a first round WR a bit later in the first. If you can turn your first, 2nd, and 6th round picks into something like Jordy/Freeman, Green and What I, you’ll be in GREAT shape.

Jordy/Freeman, Green and Ajayi*

Thanks. I’ve been in the Ajayi/Green camp for a while and just now began doubting myself. Thanks for the insight. I saw OBJ take that hit the other night and thought his knee was done.

No problem. In particular, if you can turn it into Freeman, Green, and What I, and spend your third on your favorite PPR WR2, that would be a VERY strong start to your team.

Ajayi *
Autocorrect is killing me today.

Freeman may well fall to me at #7 I’m hoping or maybe Gurley (ugh) and I was even thinking maybe to reach for Fournette since my 1st is basically round 3 in a way.