Do I keep Both or drop one...?

I have Tevin Coleman and Hunter Henry. I do have an IR Spot, where Coleman is currently sitting. Do I keep them both or should I drop one of them?

League one
RBs: Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, David Montgomery, Carlose Hyde, Mattison, Tevin coleman
TE: Hockenson, HHenry

League 2
RBs: Lev Bell, Chubb, L Mccoy, Mike Davis, Tevin Coleman
TE: HHenry / Vance dance
WR bench: c Kirk, Keke, Deion Cain, demaryius Thomas

I had both and Tyreek Hill… Before I got the Hunter Henry news I had already dropped David Njoku so Henry was my only TE.

Long story short I dropped Henry yesterday for Vernon Davis, but have a waiver claim to get Njoku back tomorrow hopefully.

For league 1 I would drop Henry, as Hockenson seemed like the #1 option in Detroit. ane will probably outperform Henry the remainder of the season.

For League 2 I would say probably the same. Henry wasn’t ever a top 5 TE really so even if Vance doesn’t work out you could stream all season. no need to hold onto 2 TE if there are better options on the waiver wire.