Do I make the Trade?

Give Rivers, Drake and Gio for Deshaun Watson? Accept it, Right?

Rivers has no boom factor so I like the upside of Watson for the playoff push.

Depends on your roster/depth but I don’t see a huge difference between Rivers & Watson. They’ve actually scored the same amount of points in my league. I personally wouldn’t.

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I know they seem close on paper but thats because Watson had a rib and lung injury during weeks 6 & 7. So Watson avg. only 10 pts those weeks… Watson does have more upside tho. He’s had multiple games of 25+ while Rivers is more consistent with only 1 game over 25.

He def. has more upside, but like I said it depends on your roster and depth. Are you using Drake at all? If you have the depth and like Watson more, go for it, but I don’t see this as making a major difference.

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I was using him but like most drake owners I can’t deal with Coach Gase and his unpredictability with him lol… I have josh Adams if I need another RB but right now Drake is my flex option and I’m think I’m going to play Corey Davis over Drake RoS. Davis is trending up.

If you feel like Drake is expendable and would prefer Watson go for it. I personally would be hesitant just because an injury to your current starters could put you in a pinch and Drake does have some upside in what seems to be every 2nd or 3rd game he plays in lol.

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This guy also has Goff… Would you make the trade for Goff instead of Watson?