Do i make the trade....?

so my team is/was alright until watson n palmer went down. im sitting on McCoy, Gurley, hopkins, Fitz, Thielen, Funchess, n Mack. ive got kroft until clay comes back. im 8-1 and am pretty locked in for playoffs right now. QUESTION. is offering hopkins gurley and martin to much for fournette n julio? just trying to better set with playoff schedules…

Leave martin out and I’d say that’s fair. Think you’d be paying over and martin doesn’t add much to the deal due to low value of rather keep and see. Especially as you’re in play offs. Who are you rolling with for qb?

big ben… i kno i kno…lol but im looking at a week 1 bye so it should play out okay

Agreed with above in taking out Martin. Is he rostering two QBs? Then you could try keeping Martin in (possibly toss in a Big Ben) and upgrade QBs maybe if so.