Do I make this deal?

Redraft(1 keeper(8th rnd or later)) 10 team PPR:
Kamara owner wants Murray from me and has offered me Godwin for Murray and lockett. Has offered to thrown in Marlon Mack or a 2021 draft pick. Thoughts? Here’s my RBs and WRs:
RBs: mixon, ekeler, Singletary, j white, Murray, k Johnson, Edmonds
WRs: a cooper, dj moore, lockett, Sutton, Marvin Jones.
I’m really interested in picking up Chris Thompson off of waivers.

How quickly can you hit yes? I think I make this with 0 hesitation. Especially if mack is thrown in.

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Thought about going to get to pick up Chris Thompson instead of him giving me Mack. Not sure 3 backs in Indy is a good mix and Thompson is a jay gruden guy and should see plenty of work.

I’m an indy fan so you can take it with a grain of salt, but Mack is a talented runner who’s no. 1 on the depth chart, on a run-heavy team behind one of the best o-lines in the NFL. Obviously Taylor is going to have role, and we’re all excited for him. And it may be that he usurps Mack as the season goes on. But I can say, at least for now, Mack will have a lot of early season value.

Worst case i can see him starting out strong and being a good trade piece for you. Again, I know I’m biased, but even if I weren’t I think I’d take Mack over Chris Thompson.

Thank you for your input. I appreciate you taking time to respond.

Agreed, I would run to the computer to click yes.

1,000% especially with Mack in there. Or accept without Mack and then see who he drops.

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Mack over Chris Thompson? I have a feeling Thompson is going to have a good year. If he stays healthy…

Maybe write out the actual trade for me, I may not be understanding correctly, ie:

Accept: Zeke & Thomas
Trade: Mahomes & Evans

Trade away Lockett/Murray
Receive Godwin and Marlon Mack or I could pick up Chris Thompson(instead of taking Mack)

TAKE THE DEAL! Tampa is going to be a setting the world on fire!

Thompson stay healthy?! Appreciate the comic relief! He’s made of glass!

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I agree with blazing

I would take it, and if you still want Thompson why not drop Edmonds?

Yeah I probably will I wanted to see if drake is gonna play or not