Do I make this move?

I currently have the 1.01 (traded up from the 1.09) in a 12 team Keeper league. Do I make this trade?

I give: 1.01
I get: 1.05 and 4.04 (I currently do not have a fourth round pick due to a trade last season)

My keepers are: OBJ, Jamison Crowder, Jordan Howard

Who would you be getting at 1.01? If you are getting a top quality RB or WR there I would gladly give up a fourth rounder. But, if all the top dogs are kept moving back to 1.05 and getting a fourth is better for your depth. Hope that helps!

It definitely depends in who’s available. Since I can’t imagine DJ, Bell, or Brown, Freeman, etc, will be there, I’d probably do it. If any of those top guys are available, then I probably wouldn’t.