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Do I make this trade? Bell


I own Conner, do I give up Fitzpatrick and DJ for Bell and Rivers? Bell owner made the offer

Rest of team - Julio, Adams, Keenan, M Gordon, Conner, Vance, Uzomah, J Brown, Breida, L. Jackson.

.5 ppr redraft

Trade deadline is today!!



In a redraft league it’s close but I say yes. Rivers is a for sure starter and Bell gives you assurance in case Conners gets hurt.


It’s a 12 team Redraft


@MikeMeUpp if you have a moment. Thoughts on the Bell situation


Thanks…I’m leaning that way because of the security. Also, if my team were to stay healthy, Bell doesn’t show Conner remains starter I wouldn’t play Really play DJ - he’s there as a safety blanket


Depends on how much risk you can take on but generally speaking, securing the steelers backfield is worth it. And Rivers > Fitzpatric for me, especially with this week coming up.

But if you want to gamble, i.e. you rally need that upside to have a chance, you could hold pat and hope that Bell doesn’t return and then you’d have conner + DJ.

All a matter of your own risk tolerance.


Thanks…appreciate everyone’s feedback.


Hope you didn’t, this headline just dropped


Yes bell might not report.


Yea, I held off, I got the alert.