Do I move mixon?

Mixon for Hunt and Connor?

What are your other RBs?
If you absolutely need more depth I am not opposed to the idea but Mixon gets consistent volume, there’s going to be up and down moments but this week proved that he is capable of producing monster weeks like this, I would personally hold on to him

Mixon, ekeler, Singletary, Henderson, McKinnon

Tough to let go of someone getting bellcow numbers… but Connor is also getting those and showing out, and Hunt is probably now the featured back for the next 6 weeks. Honestly I think I would take that trade because even though mixon can put up these stat lines, his line is atrocious and having 2 workhorses is better than 1. I would just try and lock up the cuff for Connor

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Yea, I would do that trade. Ekeler is out for at least a few months, Singletary is a RB2 at best, Henderson’s situation got murkey, and McKinnon will share the load with Mostert once he’s back.