Do I need to draft a 2nd QB?

My crazy league all drafted at least 2 and a few crazy bastards drafted 3.

I have Jamis Winston but Josh Allen is still available, but after that it’s Brissett, Stafford, Dalton, etc… Really bad.

Do I grab Allen now?

EDIT: Standard 10-team, 6pts TD, 1/2pt ppr, 6 deep bench.

There is not enough information on your league to provide feedback. Scoring system, numbers of teams, roster depth, number of starters. If you’re in a 2 QB starter league… JK! :slight_smile:

Info added.

Josh Allen could be good. IF you have someone worth dropping… you might want to… only because your league obviously values QBs. Jameis is strong and can hang in there. He did miss time in 2018 and 2017. I believe there is depth at QB where you truly don’t need a 2nd. Were Trubisky, Cousins, Foles and Carr drafted? I have seen them undrafted in many leagues. I wouldn’t worry too much you had all these to choose from.

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Carr and Foles are around.