Do I need to make a trade? Or am I just worrying too much?

I need to upgrade my RB position, I’m thinking of trying to use Kenyan Drake’s high right now to get Devonta Freeman but I feel like I might have to package him with something. I’m 3-2 now but do feel more comfortable with Ingram. Do you think they’ll take a Freeman for drake swap straight up? I’ll put up the rest of my roster, tell me what y’all think a good offer would be or if Freeman is worth it at all.


Dalvin Cook
Kenyan Drake
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson

Jordan Reed
Jared Cook

Keenan Allen
AJ Green
Sammy Watkins
Larry Fitz

Which freeman lol

Devonta Freeman should’ve specified :joy:

You will certainly have to package something. If they need a tight end I would throw in Jared Cook. Otherwise, I don’t think Fitz is enough right now, so probably Watkins, which I don’t love but you have the receiver depth to do it so.

I think devonta is too injury prone to be honest. I wouldn’t want him and would rather get someone more durable. I would consider buying someone that had a bad week this week that is a stud. maybe go for zeke by trading ingram and drake.

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