Do I need to upgrade my team? - Thoughts/suggestions


Full-PPR. Trying decide if I need to trade to upgrade my team. Right now I have:

QB - Minshew, Wentz
RB - Sanders, J. Kelley, Gibson, Mostert (doubtful), Duke Johnson, Wilson Jr.
WR - D. Adams (questionable), Chark Jr. (questionnable), Jones Jr., Crowder, Gage
TE - Waller
DEF - Steelers

I feel like I am sitting okay with my team. But, I kinda want to upgrade. Any thoughts or suggestions? If I should upgrade, who do I target? Thank you!

Depends on the league, 10-team I would be worried, 14-team you are good. You don’t have enough depth right now to make a move unless someone was willing to unload for D. Adams. or Waller.

I’m in a 12 team league. I know one of the players is hurting for a RB. Worth trading one of my RB2 (gibson or Kelley) for Diggs? Would that be worth it? Or stick with what I have.

Kelley might work, if they are desperate. I don’t think Gibson has done enough yet. Problem is, you might need Kelley. If he continues to get 20 carries a game, he is an RB2 at worst. Might want to hold on to Chark, might just have had a slow start. Also, Diggs has not had much competition yet.