Do I need Yeldon or wait it out?

Fournette owner.
Also have J. Howard, P. Lindsay, C. Thompson.
WRs are AB, Golladay, R. Anderson, Fitz, & Calloway

Would it make sense, on any side, to trade Jordan Howard for TJ Yeldon?
Any other upgrade advice is welcomed. Thanks

I personally wouldn’t. I think Jordan Howard is as likely as not to outscore Yeldon in any given week, and when Fournette comes back you’ll still have him as an option.

Appreciate it! It’ll be a long wait till I can unleash him though.
Any thoughts as far as reaching for depth/upgrade at a position?

I feel your struggle, I also own fournette in a league where I also have Mixon, Shady, and Breida, so injury/underperforming all season. It’s hard to trade when guys are at their low values cause you know in the long run you’ll likely give up more points than you’ll get. You can try to sell high on Anderson if someone is excited after his big game