Do i not play Josh Jacobs tonight if i'm up 1 point

My opponent is already done with all players but I have Josh Jacobs tonight and I am up by <1 point.

Should I sit him so that I 100% win? Is there a chance for a fumble and benching?

Our league does do rankings by total points also but Ws are definitely more important.

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I would play him “points for” could come into play and raiders cant afford to bench him…you would need 3 carrys 3 straight fumbles the odds are low…he will have plenty of carries and receptions to cover any worry…unless you league is a weird -5 for fumble type of league I wouldnt worry about a negative output from jacobs…


yes, you can still lose with a stat correction. I think with Jacob’s guaranteed involvement, he would have to have a massive melt down or get injured on his first play and fumble the ball (i’ve actually had that happen to me) to lose. I think those odds are highly unlikely and I’d be putting up the most points I could every week for end of season tie breakers.

thanks everyone. I played him and glad i got the ~23 points!!

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only time i maybe wont play someone in that situation is a defense, depending on the matchup. chances are you wont lose points from a skill player.