Do i panic im 1-4

So Im 1-4 in a standard league. I want to believe in my team bc i didnt think it was too bad but do i trade gurley to add some guys to revamp my team or do I trust my guys??? Any advice is appreciated.

Definitely dont trade gurley. But you could possibly package trade baldwin and Lindsey together to possibly get a wr1 or high end wr2. You may even be able to grab someone like Kenny g with him on a bye you might that trade. Or trade Howard to a team that needs a rb with a good wr1

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Yeah your team is all around solid with the exception of WR.

Like the above poster said, maybe you can package some of your RB depth to get a low end WR1/high end WR2.

If you could keep Alshon or Baldwin and move some pieces to provide a good WR2 to them, you’ll be in good shape


I was offered ebron and tate for howard? Any thoughts?

I’d start streaming QBs right now. Wilson - running has not been very good for fantasy.


I’d consider that in PPR. (Tate-Ebron for Howard)

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I think that’s a pretty good offer, you have the RB depth to pull it off, although i’m not sure how much better Ebron is than Rudolph rest of season.

Until the rest of the colts get healthy however, Ebron is a top 5 TE