Do I panic?

10 team PPR league. Start QB, 2RB, 2 WR, TE Flex Def and currently 1-2 as the lowest scoring team

Brees, Tannehill
CEH, Josh Jacobs, Gibson, Murray, Moss
Golladay, Kupp, DJ Moore, Hollywood
Jonu Smith and Gesicki

I feel like I should be scoring more. Should I start pushing trades or stay put?

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I think if anything it’s your QB room that is hurting you, and i think better days are ahead for both of them.

I think your starting lineup is absolutely fine, you must have gone up against a couple of high scorer’s to only have 1 win.

I also own DJ moore who screwed me in 2 leagues this week so i feel your pain.

Well, you get a boost with Golladay not suffering a set back and looks to pick up where he leftt off last year.

Jacobs suffered because of game script more than anything. He was getting some good runs against NE, just LV didnt stick with the run game due to falling behind

Yea the QB situation is not great. Brees first two weeks and then benched him for Tannehill. Just not picking the right guy. I feel like my starters should be a playoff contender if I can get the Qb situation right

Tannehill bot getting any pass TDs is what hurt him. 321 pass yds usually gets paired with a TD or 2.