Do I pick Adrian Peterson up?

Do I drop kicker and pick up Peterson till season starts? Someone in my league just dropped him.

League is a 12 team .5ppr and my team is

QB Josh Allen
RBs Joe mixon
Josh Jacobs
Philip Lindsay
Matt breida
Kallan ballage
WRs Devante Adams
Robert woods
Robby Anderson
Marvin Jones
Michael Gallup
Dede Westbrook
TE Delanie Walker
Def Chargers
K Elliot

Do I drop kicker or anyone else? Or leave my team as is

Sure I’d drop the kicker. Gives you a bit more room for maneuver if an injury or something hits your guys before week 1.

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That’s what I was thinking too.

Or possibly just package him in a trade or something

Worst case you cut him last minute for a kicker. But if a team is really light at rb he can be included in a deal.

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I’d probably drop Gallup. I like to have as many if not more RBs as WRs if a) starting position requirements for both are equal and b) because they get hurt more often and sometime hard to find a starter on waivers if you don’t already have em on your bench