Do I pick him up? RB test for McCoy

Have Conner, Kerryon, Michel, Sanders, Singletary and just picked up Hyde. Someone just dropped Lesean McCoy, do I put in a claim and drop one of my bottom 3 backs?? If so, who!?

If you wanted to drop Hyde I wouldn’t see a problem with that because having a piece of that chiefs offense is always beneficial

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I would probably drop Sanders for a couple of reasons:

  1. That backfield is a mess
  2. He has not been very good (2.2ypc or something like that)
  3. He is technically behind Howard on the depth chart

While people aren’t really high on Hyde, the dude is averaging over 5 yards per carry and is the clear #1 in the backfield. I would rather hold onto him than Sanders at this point. But you def should try and snag McCoy if you can

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