Do I pick up AJ Dillion who was dropped?

The people I can drop are

  1. K. Drake
  2. S. Michel
  3. T. Jones
  4. T. Williams
  5. M. Callaway
  6. J. Jeudy (not dropping)

I have Gibson and CEH at RB and Lockett, Kupp, Ridley, and Anderson at WR

1/2 PPR, 2 RB/2 WR/2 Flex

I would, and I’d drop Jones or Callaway

I would drop Tony Brooks James Jones Jr out of the options for AJ

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Michel would probly be my first drop.

Jones has more standalone value than either Dillon or Michel, absent an injury to any of the starters ahead of them.

That said, Michel and Dillon are about equally scrubby, and again, absent an injury, either one will be holding down the end of your bench for the duration of the season–so what’s the point of making a move?

Y’all be strainin’ at gnats.

Yes. It’s kind of a grab bag here, but I would personally drop Drake.

I’m honestly least interested in Michel at the possible backups here (Dillon, Drake, Jones), so he’d be my drop.