Do I pick up CJ Anderson with new QB?

He is on my waivers would he be worth a grab?

Hard to say… I don’t think asswhiler will make CJ a better runner behind this O line and the 3 headed timeshare he is stuck in. I want start of the season CJ back. I dropped him :frowning:

Yes, add him immediately. Anyone dropping him is crazy. He’s the lead back getting twice the carries as the other two. Plus his playoff schedule is looking good.

You could do A LOT worse, like those people going nuts for Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams!

I just don’t have a lot of room. On my bench I have
Devante Parker
Drake (lol I want to see what they have in mind before dropping)
TY Hilton
Corey Davis
Derrick Henry

Tough to choose a drop

Well, if you like Drake over C.J. then you are stuck.

I would be tempted to “sabotage drop” Hilton and let someone else have that headache. Especially now that Luck is officially out for this year.

Ive been thinking the same exact thing… But it is a keeper league so I have thought about waiting until next year to see what happens. I traded for him hoping for luck… bad move.