Do I pickup Aaron Jones?

Do I drop Alfred Morris for Aaron Jones? I have Breida

I guess it would depend on if you need the help now, because Morris is better than Jones the next 2-3 weeks. ALso, I would try to package morris in a trade because he should not be on the waiver wire.

Yes if you need rb gor later in season if you need win now keep Morris

If you have other rbs to start right now, I would. Jones has more season long value imo than Morris.

I’ve got Mixon Michel Howard Breida

Then I would say yes. you likely wouldn’t start Morris this week anyway. As someone said above, try to package him in a trade first. Do a 2 for 1. If you can’t, I don’t mind dropping him for someone like Jones.

I only really picked up Morris in case Breida goes down for longer… but I likely wouldn’t even start him. Im thinking Aaron Jones could be a better replacement long term

A Jones and Breida owner here. I am keeping the faith that that idiot Mike McCarthy either finally watches some film or A-Rod gets him fired, so that they give the ball to the clearly more talented Jones instead of Ty and Williams.
Making Jones the man would free up GB’s WR core even more for A-Rod as it’d force defences to pile into the box to stop him getting his usual crazy 7 ypc or 5.5 ypc.
But no, Mike says let’s give it to Jamaal so he can run in a straight line right into the RGs ass!