Do I play Aaron jones in week 15 against Bears?

It’s a bad matchup, but should he be an every week start? I don’t have great options in week 15 at RB

  • Chubb @ DEN (average)
  • Mixon vs OAK (good)
  • Michel @ PIT (bad)
  • Ware vs LAC (average)
  • Mack vs DAL (bad)

I can’t believe I have all this depth and yet no great matchups in week 15 besides Mixon. Also going to start Chubb, but will feel awkward playing Ware over Jones.

What do I do? Play Jones with confidence despite the matchup, or pick up a matchup WR off the wire… not crazy about that either tbh

All this rant to say I don’t feel like I actually have much choice here and just want someone to tell me it will be okay LOL

Jones vs Bears isn’t that bad. Kerryon did pretty well against them and he’s in the passing game as well.
Michel vs PIT is probably something I would think about as well. Goal line opportunity and a high powered offense. Justin Jackson and Lindsay did well these past two weeks vs PIT and the former didn’t get even close to the same volume that Michel gets.

Stay away from ware. That RBBC is starting to look crowded


I’m planning to play DCook vs Mia over him that week, if i make it that far.

That’s a good matchup though I would do the same

Right now I feel like I’m comparing mediocre matchups to Jones’ bad matchup, and wondering if a bad jones matchup is better than mediocre matchups lol

Have you nt learned anything from last week. Don’t start replacement talent players like ware over your studs. Play Jones over Ware. Play Mixon vs oak. I would also just play Michel vs Pit. It’s not a horrible matchup, points will be scored.

Would you drop Ware or Mack to stash a DST?

You have no other options to drop? Would be okay with doing that if you theres a really good D available and if you check and make sure none of your opponents benefit from picking up either ware or mack.

Basically I’m looking at seahawks @ SF or Jaguars vs WAS… otherwise I’m playing Bears vs GB (and rams)

Most likely someone would pick them up, but they would probably be a flex

Take Jags vs wash. They getting Mark Sanchez.

Yea, plus they are at home and they have titans this week. Do I drop Mack or Ware?


Giants are a great matchup whereas Ware has two decent ones and in a great offence but could be in a RBBC. Colts offence is good also but Mack has been dealing with injurie. Lol

Also I’m probavly not starting either at any point, so it’s more depth