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Do I ride?


Do I ride with Russell Wilson or throw Rivers in as the starter… I have not sat russell all year… I believe his is match up proof but I am over thinking it because it is playoffs…


You said it yourself…you’re overthinking. Play Wilson


I’d play Rivers. The Jacksonville D is no joke and the Hawks are traveling across country which is never good. Personally, I don’t think Wilson is matchup proof.


I think it depends on what you consider match up proof… Wilson is the best fantasy quarterback and I believe he will put up at least 18 fantasy points this week… I would argue he is very match up proof.


However, I had Mike Thomas and Ingram play well last week so I will most likely play it safe and take Rivers high floor this week.


I think that’s the smart play. I think the possibility of a dud game for Rivers is much lower than that for Wilson.


Rivers, the chargers have been playing great