Do i risk it for the biscuit?

Team: Qb: Brees /Tyrod Taylor
Rbs: gordon/ mccoy /kamara/morris
Wr: baldwin/ juju /marvin jones jr
Te: kelce/ engram/ olsen
Defense: detriot/ ravens
K: lutz

1st in my league but worried about the playoff push since 2nd place team is super good and its fantasy for who knows about the other 2 teams. I feel like i need wr help to seal the deal especially with baldwin groin n kinda tough schedule. Two receivers am targeting are alshon jeffery and of coarse antonio brown. Would have to give up either kelce or melvin gordon for brown n maybe plus. Alshon jeffery might come cheaper with engram plus trade. Should i risk it or keep team together or is there someone i should target? Thanks

If you can trade Kelce and Morris/juju or even Marvin jones for A Brown that’s a good trade for you. Crabtree has a great playoff schedule and Kelce for him would be a good trade with your TE depth. I would definitely try to trade one of your TEs, there’s no point having 3 good ones with 1-2 sitting on the bench.